When’s the best time to buy or sell a house in Lake Havasu?  Anytime!  Especially now, for sellers.  Our inventory is at an all time low and it’s most definitely a seller’s market.  I’ve been showing property this week, and to find anything specific is pretty challenging.  If you want the lower price end of homes, say anything under $200,000, it isn’t easy.  You’ll most likely find a fixer upper that needs some work, or you’ll have to settle for not quite the perfect house.  If you want a certain location that may be difficult as well.  Try to keep an open mind.  If you find a home you like in the right location but it needs some work, you can usually make changes to suit your needs or do the repairs to bring it up to par.  But you can’t move the house!  It’s the first rule in real estate…. Location, location, location!  If you have a house to sell, even though it’s a seller’s market, you’ll want to present your home in the best possible light.  Get rid of stuff you don’t need, pack away what you’ll be keeping (you have to pack it anyway!) remove personal photos from walls.  Make it “neutral”, so that buyers can see their own belongings in the house.  Paint is one of the least expensive things you can do to freshen up a house, so if the baseboards are worn or dirty and the walls are bright red or purple, it would be a good idea to refresh with a white or neutral color.  It’s the little things that count too, and first impressions cannot be undone!  Sweep the entryway, trim the plants, bring in some color by the front door. 

Even though we list and sell homes all year long, we do have “seasons” of buyers and sellers.  We have our winter visitors who come starting in Oct.  Most of them stay 3-6 months and some of them buy their part time house while here.  We also have our summer buyers who start the end of May around Memorial Day and come until Labor Day in Sept.  There seems to be a little lull in between the winter and summer buyers, so if you plan to buy a home here, those times might provide the best inventory.  No guarantees though! 

If you have a house to sell, we’d be happy to come give you a market analysis to see what it might sell for.  We do need inventory to sell and we’d love the opportunity to help you get yours sold!  Call us today, no pressure, no obligation, just friendly helpful information!