You would think that being in the southwest that we would have many Santa Fe style homes here, but that is not the case.  There are several sprinkled throughout town, but they are not the majority at all.  Personally, it’s my favorite style, but it’s not the favorite of many!  Most of the homes here are stucco finish on the exterior.  Should you happen to spot a home with siding or something different on the outside, more than likely it will be an older home, built in the 60’s or 70’s.  Most of the homes here have pitched roofs and are single story;  single story because the zoning in single family areas does not permit a height over 15 feet.  Residential estate and equestrian areas allow 30 ft. roof height.  We have both shingle and tile roofs and a few metal roofs.  Most of the homes built since the late 80’s and early 90’s have what we call “split bedrooms”, with the master bedroom on one side of the house and the guest bedrooms on the other  side.  It seems odd to watch HGTV and listen to people say they want all the bedrooms together, we are not accustomed to that here!  Interiors of most newer homes being built will have granite countertops and all the newest bells and whistles and colors that everyone is looking for now.  Pools are a personal preference.  Pools are a great way to keep kids entertained in our hot summer months and a cool gathering place for parties but not everyone wants the maintenance and upkeep.  The homes here were built over the course of many years, we don’t have subdivisions that one builder would come in and build the entire piece of land out.  You can have a brand new home built next to a 40 year old home.  It’s the diversity that we like!  Cheers to many different types of homes, we have something for everyone!