If you’ll be travelling this holiday season keep in mind these expenses that will add costs to your travel plans.

  • International fees on Credit Card purchases.  Some companies charge a transaction fee as a percentage of the purchase with foreign merchants.  If yours does, consider opening another account so that you won’t have to pay these fees.
  • Smart phone data plans.  Monitor your data useage, and consider bumping up your cap.  Extra data is cheaper than an overage fee.
  • Fees to fly.  Use travel awards that earn points that can be redeemed for travel related purchases.
  • Ride sharing.  Transportation such as Uber does not charge the same for all times of the day.  They have a “surge” pricing which means you’ll pay more during busy times or events.  Consider reserving a cab and working the fees into your budget, or use other forms of transportation if possible.
  • Car rental fees.  It may be cheaper to rent a car through another site tan at the same time as you book your plane reservation.  Be sure to check before reserving a car.
  • Food.  Don’t eat and drink from your hotel minibar or order room service.  Plan ahead with snacks and water and look at restaurant menus ahead of time.

Planning ahead takes time, but could save you several dollars in the long run which you can spend on other things on your trip!