Don’t Get Off-Track in Your Home Purchase!


Be truthful on your loan application.  Mortgage lenders are diligent when looking at your credit score and debt.  They won’t miss something if you “forget” to put the debt on your application.  Don’t overstate your income – they will verify it.

No big purchases for now!  You don’t want your financial situation to change before close of escrow.  Don’t take on any new debt like buying a car or using your savings for something like new furniture for your new home!  Even opening a new credit card account might change your credit score enough that your lender will deny the loan.  Lenders verify your credit right before closing to be sure it hasn’t changed.

This might sound silly/stupid, but don’t quit or change jobs while in the process of buying a home.  Wait until after your home purchase is complete.  The lender will verify your employment before closing.

Don’t wait on deadlines.  Meet the contingencies of the contract.  Get your home inspection done within the time period.  Make sure you provide your lender with all the information he asks for in a timely manner – they can’t move forward without it.

Don’t even think about changing timelines!  Keep to the dates in the contract and meet those dates, or be early and prepared ahead of time.


Bottom line is you don’t want to do anything inadvertently to jeopardize your home purchase.  You’ve worked too hard to get here!