Make Your Patio an Inviting Retreat!

Now that spring and summer have arrived, we find ourselves outdoors a lot!  Especially in Lake Havasu, when the sun goes down and the nights are still a bit cool (compared to the days at least!).  For those of you lucky enough to have a pool, you may have water features that make you feel cooler just by listening to the sound of the trickling water.  The pool lights also bring magic to the evening!  For those without pools, here’s some ideas to try:

  1. You can add a touch of twinkle with a string of outdoor lights or small globes overhead.  It makes the patio area more intimate and inviting.  Paper lanterns will also work, given a dry climate or for temporary or party use. 
  2. Take a look at your patio furniture.  Is the paint chipped or the wood scratched?  Refresh the whole look with a new stain of color or paint.  Go with colors that tie into the décor you already have or go bold with bright colors that accent a certain piece or area.
  3. Put down an accent rug, made for outdoor use.  A bamboo type of mat will work too.  Or stencil in a rug-like pattern on the floor, be sure to use an outdoor type of paint.
  4. Add more shade!  We can’t ever have too much shade in the desert in the summer!  Hang some bamboo shades, bring in colorful umbrellas, a palapa and bar area would look tropical, add a cover over the barbecue area for the griller in the family!
  5. Remember the details!  Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference.  Add colorful pillows, potted greens and flowers, yard art, gazing balls or a fountain.
  6. Bring in a touch of whimsy!  Hang picture frames and small mirrors on walls, wind chimes to sooth the soul, even a garden flag or steel painted flowers!

Have fun and enjoy your outdoor space!