It's summer in Havasu, and it's HOT!!!  Usually our calendars are full of events around town. Seldom is there not a planned event to participate in, usually there are more things going on than you could possibly attend.  This weekend the calendar looks quiet, although there is always plenty to do if you choose!  It's a great weekend to laze around the pool or spend the day on the lake.  We always wonder when we get out there why we don't go more often, it's so beautiful! Travel down to Havasu Springs and enjoy a burger on the patio, or go up river through the gorge and check out the new Route 66 hotel, pool, and bar.  There's always hiking at Sara Park (go early in the morning and bring lots of water!), golfing, the skate park, and the beaches.  Or stay inside and bowl a game or two.  Whatever your plans this weekend, we hope you enjoy!