Getting Your Home Ready to Sell Without Breaking the Bank!


     A home that is in great shape will have a higher value and get a quicker sale.  There are many things you can do to make your home shine, and net you a higher sales price that won’t break the bank.  Most buyers today look for move in ready homes and you want to cast yours in the best light!

     Consider having a pre home inspection.  This can reveal problems that you can take care of ahead of time so that buyers don’t become concerned.  Do the repairs before putting the home on the market.

     Get replacement/repair estimates.  This helps a buyer know whether they can afford the home and repairs.  Gather any warranty information for the home/appliances, etc.

     Make minor repairs such as a leaking faucet, sticky doors, torn screens, missing caulking.  These are small repairs that make a big difference in the eyes of the buyer.  It shows your home has been well-maintained.

     Clear the Clutter!  Remove most everything from your kitchen counters, and especially the refrigerator pictures!  Pack up full closets, remove large furniture items to storage or the garage.  De-personalize your home.  Buyers want to be able to visualize their own things in the house.

     Thoroughly clean.  If you can’t afford to hire a professional cleaner, there are still many things you can do to spiff up your home.  Wash windows, baseboards, wipe down cabinets and knobs, pay attention to the little things like door knobs and dirty light switches.  Clean carpets and flooring, dust ceiling fans and scrub the bathrooms.  And don’t forget the garage!

     Remember to check the curb appeal!  Trim plants and shrubs, perhaps, replace any that don’t look so great anymore.  Sweep the entryway and make sure there is nothing blocking the way to the front door, like overgrown trees or vines.  Pots of colorful flowers by the front door will add pizazz for pennies!