Childproof  Your Home!


There are many things you can do to prevent accidents in and around your home.  The following is just a partial list.  Please keep in mind that children should always be closely supervised!


Cover or plug wall sockets

Install gates at stairs

Remove glass table tops and breakable objects

Cook on the back burners and turn handles to the rear of the stove

Do not place hot food anywhere near a toddler

Set the water heater to the lowest possible setting and always test the water first

Never leave a child unattended in the bath

Cut looped window blind cords in two and keep out of reach

Keep medicines, poisonous substances like cleaners, and sharp objects in a locked cabinet

Secure heavy furniture to the wall

Soften hard edges and corners with furniture bumpers

List the phone numbers of physicians, hospital, poison control by the main phone

Install door knob covers

Place a padded cover over the tub spout

Beware of a heavy toy box lid that might fall on a child