March 28 - 30, 2014 @ 8 am - 11 pm


The CA PRO/AM is much more than just another skate contest; it's the beginning of what will become a true destination event for not only the skateboarding community, but for anyone who enjoys everything that Lake Havasu has to offer. Whether it's swimming in the lake, shopping in the Vendor Village, enjoying the nightlife, or watching America's best amateur skateboarders compete on the Street League-certified Tinnell Memorial course, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

CA PRO/AM's purpose is to give the younger tourists and local kids something positive and safe to do during the Spring Break weekend of March 28 - 30. There will be skateboarding, autograph signings, games, and giveaways daily. Don't miss Friday night's event - a Pro Bowl event featuring today's best bowl riders and a one-of-a-kind Riot Race where skaters go head-to-head racing in the flow course in a single elimination skate race!

SAVE THE DATE. The CA PRO/AM, presented by CA Productions, will be a unique contest experience complete with camping, skateboard competitions, and Spring Break fun that Lake Havasu has to offer.


Friday March 28 
12:00 pm: Unsponsored Qualifiers 
7:00 pm: Riot Race 

Saturday March 29
12:00 pm: Unsponsored Am Finals
2:00 pm: Sponsored Am Qualifiers
7:00 pm: Bounty in the Bowl 
10:00 pm: After-Party at the Turtle Bar/Nautical Beachfront Resort

Sunday March 30
12:00 pm: Sponsored Am Finals
3:00 pm: Best Trick

Unsponsored Street: The Unsponsored Am event will be held in the Street League Certified course and will follow a format similar to Street League for the final rounds. The top six finishers from the Unsponsored event will earn a spot to compete in the highly-regarded Sponsored Am event.

Sponsored StreetThe Sponsored Am event is the exclusive sponsored division and will play host to the world’s best Ams. The Sponsored Am event will also be held in the Street League-certified course and will follow a format similar to Street League for the final rounds.

Riot Race: Skaters will be going head-to-head in a single elimination race where the last man standing will take home the cash. Fun and exciting for both the skaters and the fans.

The Bounty in the Bowl: The Bounty in the Bowl will consist of a list of tricks inspired by the legends of skateboarding (past, present and future). Skaters will recreate these tricks in their own style and collect the bounties. Awards for the Bounty in the Bowl will include cash and prizes inspired by the inventors of the tricks.

14 Stair Best Trick Contest: What the heck - Really??  Yep, Supra and Hellaclips are going to cap off the weekend by hosting an open best trick on the newly famous Lake Havasu 14 stair set and rail.