Paperwork:  In today’s real estate world, our AZ contract now has 9 pages, soon to be 10!  When we first started in business the contract was 2 pages.  There is a myriad of information in the contract and knowing what it all means requires a lot of education.  Realtors are required to keep current on the contract and to know how to work their way through it.

Experience:  Realtors understand the real estate contract process and the mortgage and title process.  We have the education and knowledge to get you, as the seller or the buyer, through the transaction. 

Negotiations:  Realtors are experienced in negotiations to help buyers and sellers get the best deal possible, and we have the information available to us to help you make the most informed decision.

Pricing:  Realtors help you understand the true value of property when setting a listing price or making an offer on a property.  We base our judgement on recent sales and market information.

Understanding current/local market conditions:  Although we listen to the national news regarding market conditions, only a realtor in your area can help you with the current/local market conditions.  The local real estate market does not always follow the national market.  Your local realtor is the best person to seek advice from when buying or selling in your area.