13 Things You Can Do To Help Sell Your Home

  1.  Have professional photos taken and use on-line marketing.  A picture is worth 1000 words!  Trulia says that homes with more than 6 photos are viewed twice as much as those with 6 or fewer.
  2.  Make a video and place it on Utube about all the things you love about your  home and neighborhood!
  3.  Invite the neighbors to an open house.  They may know friends or family        that they would love to have move there.
  4.  Put your home on Facebook
  5.  Include items that buyers are sure to want such as the new stainless steel  refrigerator, the flat screen TV on the wall, the golf cart if you live on the golf course, etc
  6.  Keep your home in pristine condition.  Consider having a pre-inspection to know the condition and repair those items before it goes on the market
  7.  Stage the interior and the exterior.  Trim the landscape, fresh paint, change out the door knob if it looks old and worn.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  8.  Make it easy to view your home.  If you have a short window of opportunity for buyers to view your home, it’s likely they will move on to the ones that are easy to view.
  9.  Get real about pricing!  Today’s buyers are educated about current pricing and will skip yours if it is over priced.
  10. Know your competition, compare your home to similar homes on the market
  11. De-personalize.  Buyers want to visualize your house as their house. 
  12. De-clutter.  Remove most all items on tabletops and counters, pack items away and move to storage if needed.  This will make your home seem larger and more open.
  13. And lastly, listen to your agent!  Listen to their recommendations early in the listing term.  Find an agent you like and trust and follow their advice.